Friday, September 27, 2013

Rainbow Buildings and Black Webs

Currently sipping a mug of honey-saturated tea and kicking back to some Imagine Dragons.  Aka feeling pretty damn good.  Earlier today I was being a real downer - and after classes were over, I sat down for about four hours straight and slapped my feelings onto a large piece of paper. Afterwards I dragged my lazy ass out the door for a jog in the gorgeous weather. Man those endorphins are really amazing. I got back to my dorm in much higher spirits and actually liked the "piece-of-shit" that I made today.  I noticed that lately my emotions fluctuate a lot.  I let little things get to me and it's almost like I enjoy wallowing in unjustified feelings of self-pity.  I realize that happiness isn't something that's just going to fall into my lap - it's a day-to-day journey and a mindset.  So I am going to try harder to be happy and not dwell on what-ifs all the time.  I know my recent posts seem pretty confusing and jumbled up, but blogging it out is my way of sorting my thoughts, so please bear with me! ^^  
That upper left corner was pretty fun to make - I colored pieces of grey paper, wrote out my negative thoughts and then ripped them up, collaged them together, and overlaid marker and pastels. The rest was just extremely random.  The foot being Exhibit A. 
Watching sail boats and canoes from the dock. Biking at night. Minerva's terrifying array of free shirts from career fair. The most amazing chocolate covered pretzels (I devoured that bag in practically one go).  Weiwei snapchatted me a picture of him with the Snapchat team (sooo meta). Fruit-by-the-foot tongue….brick wall with random extrusions. Hugging "Eunice Da Dawg". Delicious study break @_@

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  1. aaaaaaaaah i know you had a rough times last year but lets be awesome and positive and productive next year! :D


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