Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ups and Downs

Yay, as promised, I am actually blogging about the past week! So last weekend was actually pretty fun - I had auditions for ADT, DT, and Mocha - ultimately didn't get into DT or Mocha, but learning the choreo was a good time and I'll get in next semester >:D. Last weekend I also went out for sum dim sum (see what I did there? oho) with Matt! Ate some delicious food and wandered around boston for a bit. The beginning of the week was honestly pretty bad.  I felt sluggish and absolutely lost in all of my classes. It's so easy to feel inferior in this place and I have to remember to not let it get to me. :\ But after wednesday, things started looking up (mostly since I was done with studio for the week lol).  On thursday students from Tokyo University came to visit my japanese class!  After class, one of them asked me to take him to get Mexican food so a whole group of us went to grab some Beantown and checked out the MIT Museum afterwards.  I really enjoyed talking to them, but it was also very tiring to struggle with Japanese for 3 hours straight xD.  Before we split, Yuki thanked me and said if I ever needed help with Japanese homework, I could ask him. So nice @_@ Anyway, yesterday was a really chill day - classes ended early and I went back to sleep lol. In the afternoon I went with Randi to go get my bike fixed - and the guy at the shop literally did it for free! He was so nice :'D That night we watched the premier of korra!  But the stupid TV DIDNT HAVE CABLE, so we ended up missing the first half while frantically looking for a live stream online. Lol if you read my last blog post, you probably already know what I did after korra.  We went to our friend's frat and hung out, drank (flaming shots holy shit), played pool/set/taboo, sang karaoke, and chatted.  Before we knew it, it was 4 am. I was actually surprised at how quickly the time passed! And I was also pleasantly surprised at how happy I was feeling.  I'm determined to stay more positive this semester, wish me luck :)
THEY ARE SO GOOD. Also, the drummer was ridiculous. And see those giant balloons? I managed to catch one….but then after a few minutes it popped T_T
Dim sum/wandering around boston/MIT Museum! (there was an exhibit about condoms…) 
Eating dinner with my awesome pseudo-hippie roommate! Looking out over Lobby 10 late at night. A weird baby-machine at the MIT Museum. KORRA PREMIER. Happy times with friends ^^

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  1. wow my legs look so skinny in that pic im so happy hahahahaha
    also lol i remember the korra moment xD i actually forgot i watched the begnning of the series...
    i was about to be like what isnt yuki a girls name then i realized that guy in fruits basket name is yuki thus its a perfectly acceptable name hahahahahaha


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