Monday, October 17, 2011

Mirrors & Masks

It's 12:41 am on sunday, so I want to make this post as short as possible.  Knowing me, I'll probably end up writing until 2 and screw myself over for tomorrow.  Regardless, here I go:

A lot of stuff happened this week.  Thought I completely bombed a chem test, managed to get away with a 81 on it.  Jesus christ when I saw that beautiful B- I almost cried tears of joy. No joke. (I am joking btw).  On wednesday my mom left for China to see my grandma who was in very bad condition and back in ICU.  I have more to say about this, but I will save it for tomorrow's post.  Today I just want to quickly give a run down of what I've been up to.  Friday after school we were supposed to have a football game, but it got cancelled.  Victor, Emma, Justin, Dan, and I went to BJs to buy bulk candy to make goodiebags for our sections!  We bought the materials and then went back to my house to make the bags.  They turned out really cute if i do say so myself :).  The clarinets made really encouraging bags like "Good luck! You have great marching technique" and "I always knew you were a winner!".  Me and victor made not-so encouraging bags for the drumline.  It mostly consisted of making fun of our section, that's how we show our love. I think. Anyway, friday night danielle called and invited us to go to Tito's Burrito's for dinner.  It's this little mexican place that has the best wings EVER.  So I peer pressured victor into getting "Wings of Death" with me.  The place has like 4 or 5 levels of spicy, and if you can't tell by the name, wings of death are the spiciest.  The cashier tried to warn us about it before we placed our order but we ignored him. "Guys, once i had sauce on my hand and accidently wiped my eye with it.  My eye was swollen for hours!!!" Lmao, unfortunate kid.  So we got our wings and victor took a bite.  Only two bites in, he starts crying, snotting, and sweating like a pig.  Not to mention he was bright red.  We were mildly concerned.  Then I took a bite and HOLY SHIT it hurt like a mother.  Jesus christ, but surprisingly I did not cry or sweat or start hyperventilating.  Dan and justin tried them too- Dan cried and justin just talked about how his grandfather is indian and tolerates spicy foods really well, hahaha.  In the end I ate 6, victor 4, dan 1, and justin 1.  I took those wings like a man :) not sure if that's something to be proud of though.  Hmm.

Saturday was our first marching band competition! Ahhh!! Woke up to sounds of construction on our windows.  Then freaked out because my band shirt was dirty so I chucked it in the washer.  When emma came to pick me up, my clothes were still wet, so I just grabbed them and hung them on her car after she parked.  We practiced, ate, changed, and loaded the buses.  I ended up sitting with Miller and Ryan in a three seater, aka getting completely squished in the middle.  Our section appreciated their beautiful goodie bags (sharpie on brown paper bags) except for markymark.  Lol victor drew him peeing in a puddle and it said "I'm marking my territory" oh name puns.  Ha speaking of which, on victor's I wrote "Yu Rock. Lead us to Victory!!" In case you were wondering, his last name is Yu. That's Y. Ha, more puns.  Anyway, we got to Metlife Stadium aka Giants Stadium and warmed up in the parking lot.  After ryan got called out for checking out some band's colorguard and we practiced some more, it was time for the show!! The stadium was gigantic holy crap. Just look at it.  The show went well, and itkor was so thrilled that the bassdrums played the sixtuplet run correctly that he threw Nobody into the air.  (Nobody is his creepy babydoll head that we rub for good luck at competitions. Get it? Since it has no body. Ha.) We ended up getting second place overall and best percussion!  So suck it all you other drumlines.
Us performing at Metlife! Ahh! Ripped this pic from someone's facebook lol.
Bus ride home was kind of retarded, kind of fun.  We heard steve and sunny talking about how steve likes this Caroline VK so me miller and ryan made fun of him....miller ended up getting shoved under the bus seat and punched repeatedly. Lol, thank god I'm a girl and they can't do that to me.  For all you people out there, steve doesn't actually like her, he was joking.....but i slightly suspect otherwise.  We'll see.  Got home, unpacked, went to McDonald's for a nutritious dinner and mariana drove me home.  Along the way we made a pit-stop at the park because we saw emma's car there.  Turns out it was isabelle, danielle, pat, and fabian drinking some beers and rolling joints.  Emma thought they were going to get caught by the police so we left and went home.  According to mara, a lot of people have the wrong view of emma now because her friends smoke/drink so they think she does too. :\  I wonder what emma would think about that?

Mara modeling the mask :)
Sunday, today, I went to panera with my dad and kaykay.  My food was delicious as always (thanks greek salad) and i had to speed back for an appointment I had with some lady who wanted me to tutor her kid.  She is a crazy tiger mom.  Her son is in 7th grade and gets almost all A's, except for his current 89 in math.  Like are you crazy? He does not need a tutor!  Also she wants me to assign him extra essays and keep him ahead in math.  Oh man.  He's a cute kid though, kind of shy, awkward, but i decided I am going to be the best, most fun tutor ever! Let's see if that works out haha - my first day is on tuesday!  Tomorrow I get to tutor another girl in my school on physics.  Her name's Jasmine, and the little kid is Neil.  In case you were all wondering, cuz I'm sure you were.  

Me and Mara cam-whoring for the sole purpose of my blogging it.
Anyway, afterwards I sped over to mara's to help her out on a photo proj.  We dragged a mirror, a chair, and ourselves to a random soccer field for the shoot.  I put on masks and starred at myself angrily in the mirror while she clicked away.  Then I had to put on lipstick and go crazy smearing it on my face haha.  As a side note:  I don't think those masks are made for asian faces.  They dug into my eye sockets, oowww.  The shoot was pretty fun, except for the fact that I felt like i was failing at the whole angry self image thing.  I kept smiling and popping peace signs. Lol. Afterwards mara being the wonderful person she is, treated me to a vanilla bean frap at starbucks :) Yum.  Afterwards I came home and did absolutely nothing.  Aka I'm fucked and not getting into college, but I decided that I'm going to try and write some essays during school.  It's not like I pay attention during my classes anyway...maybe that's why my grades are dropping.  Interesting.  On another note, the game Words With Friends is taking over my life.  Holy crap I am addicted, I need help!  Haha, I knew it, it's 1:30 now.  Gotta go read 5 chapters of some Ernest Hemingway book for English class! Night!

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  1. heheheh sonya i want you to be my tutor ;)
    also dont worry you get into college
    also i used to play words with friends by no longer after i lost to my chem teacher when he played flavored for 148 points :(


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