Friday, October 28, 2011

College ?

What's college? Oh right, that thing i'm supposed to be applying to.
The deadline is in a couple of days and i still have to put together my portfolio, write 4 more essays, edit the other 5 essays, finish filling in my achievements (uh do i have any??), and somehow fit a marching band competition and a football game in there.  Lets not forget mischief night and halloween too....

Surprisingly though, I'm not freaking out.  I think i'm naturally stressed out, but it's creepy how calm i'm being.  Or maybe I'm in shock. Lol! Okay not funny.

This week has been a blur! My MIT interview monday went well :) I mean, it wasn't absolutely fantastic, but I was pretty normal and the guy hopefully got the impression that i'm not an antisocial creep.  I left band practice early and got to the library 20 minutes before I was supposed to!  It might've been the first time in my life I've been early.  After we met and introduced ourselves, my interviewer led me into a tiny white room with two chairs.  Lmao, interrogation room much?  I was so goddamn nervous.  Like come on, why couldn't we meet in Starbucks or somewhere else less intimidating?  But the guy was chill and I loosened up pretty fast.  The first thing he said was a joke about dead bodies in his house lmao and i didn't register the joke for 10 seconds so it got awkward pretty fast.  I hope he didn't think I thought he was being serious.  He kept telling me about his two daughters, and at the end told me he was going to write a good report :) Yay !  Still getting rejected though.  I was really touched at how supportive my friends were:  Sarah and Emma both texted me right before for good luck and afterward Ryan and Miller both asked me about how it went.  Actually Miller just said "so you're getting into MIT?" But i'll count it :) Speaking of R and M, they have matching boxers lmao.  Ryans pants fell off during the monday practice but sadly i wasn't there to witness it.  He probably looked like a fool with his pants on the ground. (hope you got the reference).

Artsy shot of cutting the linoleum
These past few weeks have been a scramble, trying to finish the multi-color linoleum block print in time for my portfolio!  (In case you don't know what it is, it's basically this hard rubbery stuff that I carve into, ink, and press onto paper using a press lol.  For a multicolor one, you cut, print the light color, cut alot more, print the medium color, cut even more, and finally print the darkest color.) I've been working on this goddamn thing since the first day of school wtf.  On the brightside, I was actually super productive today and almost finished uploading my portfolio!  After school I stayed in the art room for about 3 hours: printing and taking pictures.  Tomorrow I plan on skipping the last four periods to get these prints done!

The cut plate after I finished scrubbing the blue off 
Also, afterwards while I was walking to my car I decided to go see the senior hallway since tomorrow is class pride day (seniors are green).  When i walked down our hallway people were decorating it and saying how shitty it looks and how everyone's going to complain tomorrow etc etc.  I awkwardly just walked past the 5 people working and walked through the rain to my car.  After i reached it, I felt kind of bad that I didn't offer to help, so i put my stuff in the car and walked back to help out.  See, it's awkward because I barely know these 5 girls but i offered to help, and they seemed relieved to have another person decorate.  I dragged a huge piece of paper to the art wing and painted SENIO'12S in giant black letters.  My hand was drenched in black paint by the end of it since I just dipped the brush straight into the jug of black.  Now I am rambling, so i'll stop.  But anyway, I came home and worked on my portfolio which is practically done! Just have to finish that one print now! Ahhhh!! [ Here ] is my mostly finished portfolio!

3/15 of my babies hanging to dry !

Not much else happened this week except Kaylin puking all over me, the computer chair, and the carpet yesterday.  I scrubbed the carpet for atleast 45 minutes with no success. -_- It smelled so awful ugh.  Also I've gotten weirdly closer to you-know-who, but it is still awkward when we are alone.  In other news, Ryan got a girlfriend! lol! Once she texted him "jajaja" and he asked me what it meant.  I told him that's a spanish "hahaha".....and he goes "OMG i get it! I forgot she was spanish!"  His blondness makes me want to punch myself in the face.  Repeatedly.  Oh and I tried to somehow get a little mp3 player on here so all you fans can listen to the song I'm currently obsessed with but I'm dumb and couldn't figure it out, so listen to The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie [ here ] .  I've got a long day ahead of me, better go work on that common app essay. -_- Football game tomorrow night ! Competition saturday!! Ahh!! Hmm..I'll probably work on my essay during chem tomorrow then haha.  Good night !!



    COLLEGE!!1 :D

    -Your esteemed colleague, Miss Sarah.

    PS nice linoleum pic. I like it. It looks like it'd be on an art brochure or something.


  3. hehe nice pictures!
    also not a bad idea hehe i should add a music player...


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