Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inked and Pierced

Heart donut yumyum
Ah! I need to go sleep soon, but I haven't blogged all week, so I decided to fix that. This week was very art heavy. I drew 75 balloons for my grandpa's birthday card for his 75th birthday, slaved over art homework, and stayed after school for almost three hours on tuesday and an hour on wednesday to print my etchings.  Lol my hands are still stained from the ink. It makes me look like such a dirty child :( No matter how much scrubbing I do, nothing works. But anyway, those are the final prints! I think the acid speckled background came out pretty well. Mr. V said that a couple of people asked him if I would sell them! They could've been kidding, but hey, you never know.  Also the other part of the title post...piercings! I finally got my second hole re-pierced. It's my 4th time getting my ears pierced haha (I've gotten infections twice). Hopefully this one doesn't get screwed up too.  When I was getting it done, the lady drew a little smiley face on the back of my hand lmao.  She was like sorry, it's a habit, I do it for everyone. Anyway, I should stop talking now. My birthday is in 3 minutes! I'm going to be legal! The big one-eight. :) So good night, and I apologize ahead of time for the picture spam!    

Q-Ts at Qdoba! (See what I did there?)

Zinc etching plate & lots of dirty papers/ ink blotters

Why. D:
Art homework! Giant notebook page of doodles.
(We had to draw the giant piece of looseleaf first)
Final print!
I take too many pictures.

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  1. ooooh your print came out really cool! also yay i always like your cards hehehehe
    sonya i think the fact your holes keep getting infected should tell you something about your hygiene >> MAYBE YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY WASH THEM


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