Monday, December 19, 2011


Saturday morning came faster than expected.  I somehow managed to make myself fall asleep around 2 am, even though my mind was working overtime.  Slept pretty badly, woke up a bunch of times for no reason (usually I sleep like a rock for 11 hours).  Then 12:15 pm rolled around and my dad ran into my room freaking out about how I was "going to be late" for my decision.  Decisions are released at 12:17 pm on the mit website.  I can't be late for a decision!  But of course, I was wide awake in an instant, and sprinted to the bathroom.  Probably took the quickest pee of my life.  Then bolted into the computer room and quickly typed in the MIT Admissions url into the address.  And guess what happened?  "Safari cannot display this page".  Hahahahaha somehow it just seemed so funny to me.  See the thing is, earlier in the week, miller told me I was going to go check my decision and the internet would break.  Well, the internet didn't actually break (is that even possible?) but miller was right.  The page actually failed to work.  So there I was, laughing my butt off, while my dad was growing increasingly anxious.  Meanwhile, my mom  was sitting next to me trying to get my sister to stop complaining about food.  After a couple minutes of failure, I managed to convince my mom to get my sister something to eat, and she grudgingly agreed and left the room.  My dad was still freaking out, and logged onto the other computer, hoping for better results.  That didn't work either, lol.  Eventually, the page loaded (about 12:30ish) and the log on screen appeared.  At this point I was nervous as hell and didn't want to log on.  Eventually I was parent-pressured into checking the page, and BOOM I GOT IN.  Actually, it wasn't as instantaneous as that.  At first I was reading the acceptance letter and not understanding what it meant.  Sadly, my dad was the first one to register that I had gotten accepted and shouted "YOU GOT IN!!!" Then it kind of hit me, and I burst into tears.  Legitimate tears of happiness. This year has been an emotional roller coaster, holy crap.  First crying at nationals, and now this? Anyway back to the story.  So I ran downstairs, half blinded by tears and shouted to my mom, who sprung out of her chair and started to hug-crush me.  Then my sister ran to us from the other room and gave me a huge high-five! .....and then she burst into tears because I was crying and she was scared lol.  After we finally calmed her down, we went upstairs to read the letter in its entirety.  At this point I was completely composed. Hahaha just kidding, I was still crying like a baby.  My parents finally left me alone and went to order celebratory pizza (I ate a slice of white. Just wanted to make sure I remembered the first thing I consumed after getting accepted).  That's when sarah called me to ask if I got in, and to congratulate me.  It was pretty embarrassing actually because I was still crying, so I sounded absolutely terrible over the phone.  Thank god she couldn't see me though, that would've been even worse.  I kind of lost my grip on time for a while, so I don't know exactly how long I cried for, but my guess is about 15-20 minutes. I calmed down enough to post "MIT !" as my facebook status, and text emma the good news.  She freaked out! Hahaha, later I saw her mom, and she told me how excited emma had been. Running around, screaming, and everything! Oh Sucker :) I was on an emotional high for the rest of the day.  After making myself more presentable to the world (trust me, I looked like a banshee at that point) I drove me and emma to panera to meet up with mara, nicole, and abs.  When they saw me walk in, they immediately ran across the restaurant and tackle-hugged me.  Everyone probably thought they were crazy, but I think I have the best friends ever :) All day I received texts of congrats, and people I didn't even know that well posted on my wall!  Something I realized that day is how nice people are.  That sounded like a pretty stupid sentence, but I don't know how else to say it.  So many people going out of their way to congratulate me on getting into college!  It made me feel so warm and surrounded.  Oh wow, that sounded cheesy too, i apologize, but I can't help it.

 Observing the mark the champagne cork left on our ceiling lmao
Anyway, the rest of the day was fun. I got some christmas shopping done with Nicole, and bought my secret santa person the best gift ever :) ....went a little over the price limit, but oh well.  Actually there is the possibility that she won't like it at all, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Dinner was hilarious.  My parents decided to force me to drink champagne in order to celebrate.  So they popped open an old (and expensive) bottle of bubbly (I screamed when the cork hit the ceiling) and poured me a glass.  It tasted awful. But I somehow managed to down a glass quickly, and immediately opted for some ginger ale to wash the taste out.  Apparently I take alcohol pretty well! My parents were bright red after one glass, but I didn't turn color for atleast an hour.  And once I did, it was only a slight pink tinge in my cheeks.  After dinner, nicole picked me up and we drove around doing nothing.  Actually, we did go creep on some people's christmas yard decorations, but that was it.  Thomas invited us to gabe's, so we went there to play some Kemps, Pig, and Bananagrams.  All fantastic games.  Then I don't really remember what I did after I got home.  Probably just chilling and doing nothing for a few hours lol. I wouldn't be surprised.  All in all, an extremely fantastic day.
This is the email I got today! Love you MIT :)


  1. typical... the ASIAN gets into MIT..... :P

  2. how dare you say that champagne tastes awful!!!!

    also hehehehe later sonya you very mcuh like champagne also your asian glow is ridiculous honey


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