Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Creepin'

Our glorious 3 minutes of fame. 
Yes we are creepers, I won't deny it.  But that's the second half of this post. So on sunday, I woke up bright and early (like 9 am jesus christ) for marching band! Long story short, we journeyed all the way to giants stadium, ate lunch, warmed up, and ran onto the field for halftime. Then approximately 3 minutes later, we ran off the field.  It was kind of embarrassing doing that in front of tens of thousands of people, but hey, it was pretty cool standing there for 3 minutes.  A player got hurt, so we weren't able to do the show because he was still on the field.  Oh but funny story, I watched this trumpet girl trip and completely eat it while we were running onto the field.  It was hilarious hahaha. So we got off the field, with all the fans pity-cheering us lol.  Then we just went home. It was pretty anti-climatic.  The bus ride was pretty fun though, me and miller just listened to music on the way there, and then me and mike listened to music on the way back lol.  I tried to find out what kind of music miller likes since i'm burning him and ryan CDs for christmas.  Found out that he likes Sara Bareilles hehe. After band there was a lot of drama and confrontations.  Still don't know if that's solved yet, but that's why my blog is suddenly private.

At Starbucks!
Anyway, that night I went to the dinner with some people, and then journeyed on over to Starbucks and DD with Mara and Nicole!  It was really relaxing hanging out with them! On our way home, we hatched a brilliant idea....to creep on people's yards and take pictures with the craziest christmas decorations!  Hahaha trespassing has never been so fun :)  We probably spent like an hour doing that before my dad called and said that I should've been home half an hour earlier.  Some people party on the weekends.  We take pictures with christmas decorations. Go figure.  It was fantastic, I felt like I was in middle school again or something.  Obnoxiously running around and laughing; I loved it.  As you can see, some people had reeeaaaally nice yards.  Talk about Christmas spirit hahaha.

They had outside speakers that played christmas music and everything lol.
Me and mara being "nubs" in Dunkin Donuts. 
Creepin' in a tree.
A Charlie Brown Christmas!

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