Monday, December 5, 2011

Sexy Song

Lol yes, that is actually the name of one of our songs.  Our show is in 4 days! Ahhh!! Sexy Song is the going to be the last song of our set, in case you were all wondering, because i'm sure you were.

Thanks ryan :) 
So I'll just give a quick run-down of my post-band awards life.  Friday Ryan came up to me in school and gave me a little note card.  I made them for my section during states and nationals, so I was really shocked and happy that Ryan was sensitive enough to make me one :)  It has his awful drawing of me and my name in bubble letters on the front, and a really nice note on the back.  He gave it to me right before math so I read it during class and literally had to stop myself from bursting into tears.  Wtf ryan why do you do this to me? Anyway, after school we practiced at dan's, and went to Village for a family dinner special (one pizza, salad, soda, and penne vodka).  Yum.  Then we headed over to gabe's to watch 30 Minutes or Less which was actually pretty good.  The downside? The movie was based on a real story, which kind of weighed on my conscience the whole time. (If you don't know, the movie is about a pizza boy who gets a bomb strapped to real life, the guy wasn't able to get the bomb removed in time, and it exploded.)  Watched the movie with sarah, gabe, thomas, schendt, and nolan.  I ended up sitting with nolan on the couch, which is kiinndd of weird since 1. He has a girlfriend  2. She's also asian  3. I may or may not have liked him over the summer.  Ha. Anyway, thomas drove me home, and when we were dropping off schendt at his house, nolan jumped out of his seat and dived onto the ground, pulling me with him.  At first I was like WTF are you doing!? But apparently schendt has craazzzyy parents who actually look out the window to make sure he is only driving with one person (since thomas is 17 and can't drive more than 1...technically). 

My little memory-bulletin-board.  Lots of marching band pictures haha 
Saturday was so goddamn productive I want to award myself a gold medal.  Woke up at 11 (so early!), showered, and went to Panera with my dad for a nice father-daughter lunch.  Some creepy guy with an orange beard overheard our conversation about college, and grilled me for where i'm applying, what i'm applying for, majors, etc etc.  Then he urged me to apply to Cornell.  If this isn't weird enough, then let me just tell you this:  It has happened before.  Same exact guy. Same exact conversation. Same exact restaurant.  Same exact table by the window for Christ sake.  I think it happened last spring when I was first thinking about where to apply.  But honestly, how weird??  I'm convinced that it's a sign.  I don't know what it means, but it's definitely a sign lol.  Anyway, this dude made me totally late for tutoring.  So  I sped home, dropped my dad off, and tutored for over an hour.  Came home, cleaned my room, put up posters, and went to the mall with emma and sam in search of a present for courtney.  I wanted to get her a keychain for her keys (she passed her test on Dec 2nd!) but ended up failing miserably.  Then I rushed home and went straight to another Shalomie practice.  My fingers were dead by the end of that!  Holy shit slapping the bass is so tiring. I hope i'm getting better.  Anyway, by the time we were done running through our songs a billion times, food was all I could think about.  We were all gonna go out for Indian, but i wanted to get courtney her present since I was supposed to have a lunch date with her on Sunday.  Thomas already ate, so I dragged him with me to the mall.  Felt almost bad about it haha.  After almost 2 hours, I managed to find the cutest charm at anthropologie! It's a silver locket, and I'm going to find a cute picture to put inside it.  Yeah see, it's funny because she ended up canceling on me Sunday, so I didn't need to go out of my way to get her the present that early.  Atleast I got some free tea from teavana! (Best place on earth).  After the mall, we went for some Red Mango and then to Dan's house where I basically just crashed on his bean bag.  What a busy day hollllyyy poop.  Best part? I went home and nicole texted me telling me that she and mara were going to swing by.  So at 11pm, they abduct me from my house and tell me that they are delivering donuts. Yes, donuts. At 11pm.  Eventually they drove to miller's house and insisted that I put the donut on his front steps.  Of course I was too chicken, so I asked nicole if i could throw it.  I threw it.  It bounced out of two layers of wrapping and hit the front door.  I freaked out.  Then I felt bad for littering and took the next 15 minutes working up the courage to run and collect the goods.  Doesn't sound so bad does it? ....except for the fact that the DOOR WAS OPEN.  WHY GUYS WHY.  Look ask mara or nicole, they'll tell you that I was freaking out, but in the end I ran and got the donut and wrappers.  Mara said she's never seen me run that fast before hahahaha oh dear lord.  Too much excitement for a saturday night :')

Sunday was slum-day.  I did nothing.  End of story.  My best achievement was probably doing my laundry.  Also I stayed up until 3 am monday studying for a test I didn't even have. Ha. 

Today (monday, technically tuesday now! I'm so funny!) I did nothing. Knitted alloottt. Lol.

Okay I need to seriously catch up on some sleep so I'll end it here.  Nighty!

That's my old bike!!! My sister is learning how to ride !


  1. your memory bulletin board is sooo awesome!!!!! and also your sister is adorable as usual. but not as adorable as you of course!!

  2. wow you should use your bullentine board at school! also yay for cute notes


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