Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Eyes Are On Fire Tonight, Fire Tonight

Goddamn it.  We have to give a presentation of an STD that was assigned to us, and I got Genital Herpes. So now I need to make a powerpoint....which means pictures.  Even when I try to avoid the actual pictures by using the word "diagram" or "cartoon", it doesn't work. Google Images likes to screw with me and display them anyway.  Even when I searched "herpes medication", pictures of infected genitals appeared.  WHY. My virgin eyes! These are so disgusting!

On another note, MIT emailed everyone yesterday telling us that the decisions will be released on 12/17 ! 12:17 pm.  I see what you did there MIT.  I am so nervous goddamn it !  Atleast I will have marching band to look forward to on Sunday :) Giants Stadium here we come!

Time to go finish my awful and disgusting presentation. Night!


Thank you for reading :)