Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artsy Is My Middle Name, What's Yours?

Oh my god I am so artsy I can barely stand it. Lol jk I just wanted to try out this blogger app on my iPhone :) the one of my parents was taken on my cell, the others are pics from china that I recently found for an art project! Just thought I'd post a few. I love how this thing automatically capitalizes my I's for me! Yes I am that lazy. So I know I still haven't blogged about Christmas break, sorry! Actually, who am I even apologizing to? Oh right, my adoring fans :) haha but all jokes aside, I seriously need to get on that. But ugh what a busy week... The band performs again on Friday! I still have to learn a new song, crap. It's "Lonely Boy" by the Black Keys! I think it makes us hipster, but if I knew for sure, it wouldn't be hipster, ha. Okay time to go study for a hopeless chem test! Nighty night!
In Xi'an! Near Muslim Street (It was cool seeing so many chinese-muslims! And the food was really good)
In the neighborhood around where my grandma used to live, see the chicken?
Bridge that lights up near where my other grandma lives! 

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  1. oooooh i used to listen to the black keys because we danced to them in my jazz class! also iphone pics yay


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