Saturday, January 21, 2012

If A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words...

Mom's delicious wontons :)
...Then I'll let them do most of the blogging for this week. I've been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to sit down and type. Last saturday I went shopping with mara for her princess dress (voice recital outfit) and watched a really bad new movie on disney channel called "Frinemies" with Mara and Nicole while teaching M how to knit. Sunday, I went shopping with the fam, and hung out at Dan's for boardgames and pingpong that night. Monday was a total do-nothing day. I think I attempted to do homework. Not so sure though. The basses came over to practice since Itkor told me we needed a sectional. -_- Anyway, I think the two hours somewhat paid off, and we went from outrageously terrible to mildly awful.  A big improvement in my opinion. After they left, I tried to start my scratchboard for art....didn't work. The rest of the week was a blur. I tutored twice, went to indoor, went to a fundraiser, and crammed like crazy for all of my end-of-the-marking-period tests. Also somewhere in there I managed to sit down for a solid 7 hours and do my scratchboard (went to sleep at 3, nbd). Friday was another busy day! It was the day before Nicole's birthday and we were going out to dinner at Olive Garden so I wanted to bake her a cake.  After school I rounded up some people, and we baked a two-layer Funfetti cake with chocolate frosting, topped with raspberries. The inside of the cake also had a layer of chocolate and cut up raspberries; in short, a culinary masterpiece. We dubbed it the B.C.E. (Best Cake Ever).  It was my first time making a cake, and definitely something i'll be doing again in the near future :) Yum.  Anyway, we surreptitiously put the cake in another car, and I drove the birthday girl to dinner.  The food was delicious and our waiter, Leo, was hilarious. When we were done eating (and after some under-the-table-kicking confusion) the cake magically appeared, lit and ready to go. We sang to her and she made a wish :) Then we stuffed ourselves and left for her house. Our car got there first so we passed the time by blasting the Hoedown Throwdown from my car (no shame) and doing the dance outside in the dark hahaha. Eventually we went in and started a 200 piece cat puzzle. Don't judge. The rest of them showed up and helped us with the puzzle. Half the people there were allergic to her cats but couldn't stop themselves from petting them lol. Some challenges were made and accepted, and the gamecube was taken out.  All in all, a relaxing night, but jesus christ I was so tired when I got home. Today was an acedemic travesty.  My midterms start on monday, and I haven't studied at all! Also today is almost over so that basically only gives me tomorrow. Maybe typing out this blog wasn't a good idea, but then again I am most productive in blogging when I'm supposed to be doing work. It's a curse. Anyway, happy birthday Nicole! I better go study now.
The ever-so-scenic parking garage at the mall
Bassdrum sectional at my house....hard at work.
Art homework - Scratchboard! It's a white paper coated in black, and you used a little knife to expose the white underneath
Fundraiser for indoor drumline at Smashburger - Dan is cold.
Victor wearing a box of gummies. Don't ask why.
Waiting for my ride...I'm on a trashcan!

Happy 18th Ms. Nicole !!!
Inside of our masterpiece
Post-indoor drumline practice. At McDonalds

Olive Garden with....LEO !!

Pathetic attempt to organize my study-materials for midterms :(


  1. 1. i want some wontons! 2. i want some cake! 3. LOL AT YOUR STUDY-MATERIALS


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