Thursday, January 5, 2012

Panda Module

Haven't blogged in a while so I decided to post a quickie.  These are all pictures I took with my....IPHONE. Yes, that's right, I upgraded from crappy 4 year old nokia to an iPhone :) I'm gonna miss the nokia though :( It served me well.  When the lady at the apple store made fun of my old phone, I actually got kind of defensive lol. Anyway, I will post all about the end of my break tomorrow or something, so for the moment, just enjoy these random pictures. 

Boxes on my high school's roof lmao "Panda Module"
Most recent art homework. Self portrait in Roy Lichenstein's pop art style - in progress !
Took goddamn forever....I realized at the end that it looks like i'm naked, but it was 3 am so I was like screw it. Hahaha

I am cool.
My friend is cool.

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  1. oooooooh i like the pop art version of your portrait! you should try to do more art next year sonya i think it'll make you happier.... we can have like artistic fridays or something o_O


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