Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of the Dragon

XXI Forever dress, INC sweater, grandma's earrings
Happy New Year!  What a great way to kick off the new year, with delicious food and a giant math packet.  My idea of a good time! :) Okay, maybe not so much the impossible stat review, but besides for that, it's been a good new year.  I finished dinner hours ago but I'm still stuffed.  Oh gluttony. To the right is a selfie (no shame).  My dad made me change out of my shitty (but oh so comfortable) sweat pants and hoodie and into something "presentable" for dinner.  Also I had to wear something red.  These shades of magenta were the closest I could get to red.  My theory is that once you get a camera phone, it isn't long before you become a selfie-taking-tool.  Moving on, dinner was deliciousss.  Ugh it hurts.  My mom really outdid herself this year.  Maybe it's because it's the year of the dragon, and she and my dad are both dragons.  Regardless, I need to learn how to cook like her.  My cooking skills comprise mainly of fried rice and scrambled eggs.  I'm also an instant-ramen expert.  College here I come haha. So I just got off the phone with my cousin who arrived in China yesterday (she lives in london).  Ugh I really wish I could've gone back to spend the new year.  I heard the festivities are crazy (and the food is ridiculously delicious).  Stupid midterms ruining everything :( . Anyway I spent a good portion of today studying and looking up new music.  I discovered some songs by Parachute on my iPod and realized that I sorta liked them, so I youtube-d some more of their music and realized that I sorta love them.  My favorites include [ You And Me ] and [ White Dress ] although I do have a soft spot for [ She Is Love ] both that one and the acoustic version.  The one that first got me hooked was [ Something To Believe In ], I lovelovelove how it has saxophone in it and has a blues/gospel feel.  Wait what, am I turning into a music critic now? No, I think I'm just slightly obsessed with this band.  And on that note, time to go, uh, study. Right. 'Night!

Spicy fish and vegetables....AKA the love of my life

I drew the princess....she added the accents <3
Hahahahahaha. Good one.


  1. 1 "My theory is that once you get a camera phone, it isn't long before you become a selfie-taking-tool." LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see the flood of self pics
    2 how were midterms?!?!?!!
    3 your sister is so cute
    4 sweet stat studying! i got a 99 on my stat test today on binomial/geometric distributions :)

  2. look at those instagram filtered food photos
    also i dont recognize the dressssss you didnt bring to college???


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