Saturday, January 7, 2012


Bye maple tree :(
Today I woke up to the loud hum of machines outside my window.  In my sleepy state, I didn't even think twice about it and got up to take my shower. At lunch my parents were talking about the tree that was being cut down, and I was like "wait, WHAT?" I ran to look outside, and sure enough the giant tree in our front yard was already limbless. When I demanded to know why our tree was being cut down, my dad merely said, "why not?" His only few reasons were that it was an "eyes-sore" (since a big branch split off during the storm a few months ago) and that the roots were messing up the lawn.  At that point I was like shooting fire out of my mouth; I was so mad! Neither of them even bothered to ask me ahead of time whether we should cut down this perfectly healthy tree or not. Well, I guess it was smart of them because they knew I would've said no way, but still, I'm not 7, I'm 17, and I should be aware of big decisions like this before they happen (or don't happen).  On the bright side, my mom already regrets cutting it down, and she gave me permission to plant a new tree once spring comes.  It was a little embarrassing though, because one of the neighbors came over to see it, and my mom decided to tell her that I was extremely upset about the tree.  And then we had to talk about it some more and I was on the verge of tears! Oh man.  I wonder if I should plant another maple?

Grinding up my tree

Cutting down the crab-apple (this one was rotten on the inside though)


  1. lmao! you went and had a photoshoot of the men chopping down the tree!

  2. ooooh maples are very nice!


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