Sunday, January 15, 2012

Friday the 13th

Tuning before the practice. Yes I'm a camera-creeper.
......rocked. Who made up that whole bad luck thing anyway? Well, technically I did get sick and lose my voice, but on the bright side we had a Shalom show and then signed up for a volleyball tournament which we lost, but still ended up getting $100 for lmao. Okay, but lets start at the beginning first.  So right after school, I grabbed some pizza and then headed over to Dan's for our last minute practice.  It went pretty well and I miraculously remembered some of our songs. Then they headed off to subway while I went home to hack up some phlegm and eat chinese meatballs. I was a little late to the show (again) but that's okay.  So we ate some pizza, played a little volleyball with some random dude, (pee-d twice), and got on stage for the show.  Sound check was a fail, and suddenly they just told us to start so we did.  Brian's mic wasn't on, and I couldn't even hear myself, so that part was kind of lame.  Dan messed up a little on the first song, which was totally fine, except he felt really really bad about it at the end.  He felt like he let us down or something, which in turn made me feel bad because I didn't want him to blame himself for such an insignificant thing! The rest of the show was totally fine, and I'm sure we all made our fair share of mistakes. Anyway, we signed up for a volleyball tournament which had 8 teams duking it out for the prize of $100. We beat the first team, which got really pissed off and rage-kicked the ball before storming out of the room. We won our second game too, and that team was really chill and shook our hands and everything.  Before the third game Dan had to leave, so we sent him and his equipment home, and came back for the finals.  It was just the four of us, but we channeled Dan's spirit.  Haha not to be all spiritual or anything.  Anyway, the third game was so intense and sadly the other team was still going easy on us.  We each won a game, and eventually lost the third one 27-25.  Then they were like haha too bad we're disqualified since we're college kids! Ha. So here's the money! Lol no wonder they were going easy on us.  They could've easily spiked the ball in our faces every single time if they had wanted too, but hey, i'm not complaining. :) Also this one guy on that team was gorgeous. His eyes were so blue they were almost clear, or maybe I was too dazed by his beauty to fully comprehend the actual color of his eyes.  Nicole and Mara call him the Bradley-Cooper-look-alike.  And it's true, he looks exactly like him.  He was wearing a Trojans shirt, so nicknames of "condom-boy" were also used in reference to him.  During our game we made eye contact on several occasions and when he smiled his eyes get all crinkly.  I might've awkwardly managed to smile back, I might've not. Who knows. We also made eye contact during our other games since he was the score keeper/ announcer.  Clearest. Eyes. Ever. Okay, I am going to stop sounding like a pubescent girl now.  Good night!

Chilling in his kings uniform show attire. Nbd.
Drum pose
Cake eating contest! 

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  1. LLOL SONYA BABY YOU IS SO GODDAMN THIRSTY hehe also i wish i was athletic enough to win volleyball tournaments with my friends yeeee
    also my eyes get crinkly when i smile too please love me


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