Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Beginning of the End

Clever title right? I stole it from mara's fb status. :) Not even going to pretend i thought of that.
So today was the first day of SENIOR YEAR.  Which is pretty mind-blowing to say the least.  My schedule is pretty good, minus the fact that i have 7th period lunch. AKA hunger pains starting at 4th and lasting till then.  And don't forget the gurgles and grumbles.  Those are always fun.  My classes are pretty good this year for the most part.  0 period gym will be awesome like always (but a giant pain-in-the-butt to wake up for).  1st period AP Psych kind of sucks so far.  Klein is fantastic (i love his dry sense of humor) but i literally have no friends in that class.  The closest person to possibly being my friend is devind, and all he ever talks about is school.  Just what i need.  But he's nice, so my new goal is to eventually steer one of our  conversations away from school and in the direction of, well, not school.  2nd period i had band today (it's band/lab but i have band on tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays).  I was really happy to find that my little basses had the same days as me :).  Nothing really happened in band except ALEX AGRESTI GIVING ME A SIGNED FALL OUT BOY ALBUM BOOKLET. But i mean, nbd i guess. (In case you guys don't know, i'm kind of very in love with Fall Out Boy.  The sad news ? They pretty much disbanded on my birthday 2 years ago.) Anyway, that made my day, needless to say.  And i just rhymed 3 times in a row.  And in that last sentence there was a slant rhyme.  Ha.  Moving on.  3rd period was AP Chem with Geech ! I'm so glad i took the class since he's teaching it, but the downside is that since i skipped honors chem sophomore year in order to take honors physics, i don't know a single ounce of chemistry!  It's kind of confusing to start with, but i'm putting the extra effort into memorizing all the ion-things that we need to know for friday's quiz.  I even made flashcards!  Ha, we'll see how long this lasts.  The people in that class are good though! I sit at a lab table with courtney (her parents are both chemists) and in front of sarah (who was pretty helpful today!).  I also sit next to thomas and victor (they're at a lab table together).  Our row is basically the "Stupid Row" since me, victor, and thomas all did physics instead of chem.  It's 1:16 so maybe i should get a move on this blog haha.  Getting up at 6 for gym should be a blast. I can't wait.

Okay so a quick run down of the rest of my day: 4th was Doc Hennessy for AP English.  My seat is in the front row, and i'm slliigghttly scared shitless for that class.  She might be even more intimidating than hornstein ! But at the same time, i'm kind of looking forward to reading the giant stack of novels she showed us and writing some essays (wait, am i dumb?).  I figured out that if i just approach those with the same attitude i approach blogging with, then i should be just fine!  Emotionally that is.  My grades probably won't be just fine hahaha, but lets not think about that for now.  Okay, so by then my stomach noise had risen from a piano to a mezzo-piano.  Next up was AP Art II with crazy bill Mr. V.  Our first homework assignment is to draw eggs!  How eggciting. Ha, see what i did there?  I pulled a Klein.  Anyway, the people in my class are kind of random.  Mostly artsy juniors, and then there's lylah and robby fay.  (They're all in AP I though, i'm the only one in AP II. crap.)  Not much happened except Mr. V making fun of Emily Baumer's Hookah drawing from last year.  He didn't mention her name, but he told the class how this person was really proud of a hookah drawing and wanted him to enter it in like every show.  So eventually he caved, and the drawing didn't win shit.  Apparently a bunch of judges and teachers asked him what the hell he was thinking when he entered her drawing, and he was like "chill, wasn't my call".  Lets move on to 6th period before i digress more.  That was AP Stat, which was kind of boring.  Speaking of which i still haven't done the homework for that class. Oh well.  Something interesting that happened was that i learned i'm a liberal.  Yay politics.  The rest of my class seem to be moderates or conservatives (I also happen to be the only girl).  Next was lunch (FINALLY), and this year i have the same period as emma!  We were preeetty excited because we've never had lunch together until now.  (SENIIOORRSS!!) Ate a healthy meal of fries and a vitamin water before going to hell.  Oh wait, did i just say that? I meant AP Japanese.  Haha, but that was an exaggeration.  It sounds extremely intimidating, but i really enjoy japanese, so i think it'll end up being okay if we don't all go insane from the course-load first.  Just staying positive.

Now it's 1:30.  Why does this always happen?

So after school I went to Staples with Dan and Victor to get school supplies.  It was pouring! Actually, I had already finished my shopping a week ago, but i went because i'm in love with back-to-school shopping.  It's probably not healthy.  After that i went home and basically passed out in the playroom.  I think i somehow managed to unconsciously play dress-up with my sister.  Or maybe she just dressed me up while i was out cold.  Who knows.  I certainly don't remember.  After being stuck in a weird limbo state for about an hour, i finally summoned my strength to go upstairs and turn the computer on....for facebook.  Ha. Like you even expected me to start my homework that early.  Surprisingly I did get a lot of it done today!  I even started an essay that isn't due until friday.  Now that's quality work ethic.  But tradition is tradition, and i didn't touch my math homework. :)

Partyin' partyin' yeah!

Good night !

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  1. oooooh school ehehehhe its okay sonya in the future you dont need chem LOL
    also ahahahah the thing about stomach volume
    ALSO WTF HOW DOES 7TH PERIOD LUNCH HAPPEN??? i dont understand your lunch system
    although i also do enjoy school supply shopping i very much do not recommend staples.... office max where it at! and walmart save money live better


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