Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cat and Whisker Plot

Lol @ my sister pulling my hair
I blogged only two days ago, but for some reason i felt like blogging again.  I don't really have anything interesting to post so i'm not sure why i'm doing this.  Also, i don't even have time at the moment to post about china.  That'll happen eventually.  I hope.

If you were wondering about the blog title, it's dedicated to KBoyd.  Since i'm working on AP Stat homework as i type this blog, i thought it would be fitting.  You know those data diagrams called Boxplots, also know as Box and Whisker Plots?  When the teacher asked us for the name, kevin just calls out "Cat and Whisker Plot!!"  It was absolutely fantastic.  If you don't know kboyd, you're probably thinking to yourself "wow sonya has lame stories and a stupid sense of humor" but if you do, well, you'd agree with me :)

Lately i've been thinking of changing the layout of my blog.  Mainly just the background and colors.  I also want to find a new name for my blog.  Like come on, "Sonya's Blog", really?  After i do that, i can make a banner for the top!  I'll probably ask mara or someone to take artsy pictures of me.  Something like [ this ][ this ] or [ this ].  By the way mara, if you're reading this, we should definitely make you a banner too!  Also, update your blog :)

Not much is going on.  Sitting here and not studying for my two big tests tomorrow.  Figures.  The best part is that I really need to do well on the chem one since i got a 76% on the last quiz.  Actually, the best best part is that i haven't done any of the homework from this chapter.  Oh senior year.  If you haven't noticed, i included two pictures from the china trip!  Randomly picked two, maybe this will remind me to post more later! Ha.

Also, I was thinking about that night that i took pictures of my family blowing bubbles.  Remember that post?  It's pretty old.  But i was looking at the pictures and they were gorgeous! I think i'll try it again sometime soon and play around with the ISO on the camera and whatnot.....possible banner ?  I think yes.

They barely look like bubbles at all!  They're like little neon light-segments, so pretty :)

Anyway, I need to go study!  Writing this blog about nothing helped me to unwind a little.  You'd think i'd function better under stress after last year, but i'm still the same haha.  Random, but i was just thinking about somehow mounting my iFlip onto my bass drum later in the season to record the show from my perspective.  How cool would that be?  In AP Lit we've started reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and it's written in this cool style called "stream of consciousness".  Basically the story follows whatever path the protagonist's thoughts go, so it ends up sounding disjointed and ADD.  My blog kind of reminds me of that hahaha, maybe i should name it Stream of Consciousess.  But at the same time that sounds a little on the dumb side.  Time to stop rambling and study! For real this time.

Marching band practice tomorrow night!

Good night :)

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  1. oohhhhhh stream of consciousness is a very interesting phrase that i also remember learning about tho naming your blog that would probably make you very very hipster


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