Sunday, September 18, 2011

Holy Grail

Me judging my section. Typical.
No, this post has nothing to do with the holy grail.  It's just the name of one of my favorite stands song :) FIRST FOOTBALL GAME OF THE SEASON, and it was fun!  Actually, i wouldn't say the actual football game was enjoyable to watch (since i still don't exactly understand it even after 4 years of marching band) but i love playing in the stands and being surrounded by excitement and loud shouting.  We performed our show for the first time in front of an audience, and it was surprisingly good.  I'm very proud of my section :) Also, mike will be able to march again in a little over a week and Mr. N ordered a new rim for my bass drum (mine cracked during freshman year after i dropped my drum (uh fell with it) but now it's completely split in half and is currently held together by a lot of duct tape).  Is it sad how much of my life is consumed by marching band?  I think i might even write about it for my common app essay.  We'll see.  Speaking of college apps.... they're driving me crazy!  I can't bring myself to make any actual progress on them except for filling in facts and figures.  I think i'm just worrying too much about getting rejected or not writing the "right" thing.  Ironically, i had an argument with my dad today about how he worries too much about stupid things that could be easily executed.  I really should take my own advice.  This kind of parallels what ed wrote about in his blog post today:  to not worry about the future and miss out on just growing up!   Wow story of my life.

Anyway, I need to wrap up this post before my mom shows up and "raises less corn and more hell".  Props to you if you know that quote off the top of your head....AP US History, nbd.  Tomorrow I'm off to MIT with my dad!  Hurray for crazy parents and 12 hour long drives!  Rooaadtrripp.  So, expect a blog tomorrow night about my adventures at that wild place they call MIT.  I heard it's a huge party  But i've actually heard a lot of good things about it from some friends, so maybe the giant-nerd-theory will prove to be a misconception.  I really hope so.

That awkward moment when your dad walks in the room and tells you to go to bed right away because you can only get a maximum of 6 hours of sleep before waking up to drive all the way to Cambridge.  Yes, it just happened.

Okay, good night !  (Do I end all of my posts with that?)

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  1. .... is MIT a huge party school??? are we giant nerds?? WHAT IS THE ANSWER TO LIFE



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