Monday, November 21, 2011

Cinderella Man

Oh of course it's almost 1 am and I just started this post.
So this weekend was busy! Friday we had Shalomie practice right after school, and then i went to see the play.  It was the Miracle Worker, and ended up being surprisingly good, although I kind of wish I didn't have to sit through the whole thing lol. Afterwards I went to Red Mango with Sarah, Gabe, and Thomas. Dan, Victor, and Ben were going to meet us there, but Dan took them home before we got there because he didn't want Thomas and Gabe to judge Victor and Ben for being high out of their minds lol.  I was surprised that Ben smoked too, and so was sarah.  Never expected it from him to be honest.  Lol the next day victor had an awful headache from taking too many hits haha.

Lol mara.
Moving on to saturday, we had our last football game :(  I say last because we lost lol.  If we had won we could've gone to Metlife for finals! But we didn't. So we don't. It was a close game though, we were winning until they scored a touchdown in the final two minutes! Our football team looked so sad after the game, with their heads hung low and kind of moping around.  That must be what it feels like to lose northern states or something. :\ so I can empathize.  Anyway, after the game I went home and helped my mom cut branches from the tree that fell during the snow storm.  When it was almost dark we started the ceremony for my grandma.  It's a chinese custom where you take three sticks of incense, make your prayers to her, stick them in a pot, and wait until they are completely burned out.  It's done on the 35th day after passing and it happens right after sun down when it's not too dark yet.  We wish her a good journey from this world, into the next (that's what happens on the 35th day).  It was really touching hearing my mom talk to her mom.  I couldn't talk out loud, so I prayed in my thoughts.  You were the best  grandma ever, have fun in heaven with grandpa ! ♥ 

The Ryan Tunney Band!
Last night I went to a concert since Dan was filling in for some guy in the Ryan Tunney Band.  Apparently their bassist was having bad emotional problems and couldn't do the show.  So I went in my shitty band/yard work hair and all my friends were there, dressed up with nice make up. Haha i felt like shit.  But the band was decent, and the next band was amaazzinngg.  They were all asian, filipino i think, but no mara, that has nothing to do with it.  They were all really talented, the lead singer had an amazing voice, the drummer had awesome hair, and everyone was just radiating energy. It was fantastic.  I'm pissed that I can't remember their stupid name though because I want to find them on facebook! Crap. Now it's almost 2. Double crap. I'm talking to Markymark on fb about his crush on sarah haha. No, not the sarah that gabe is dating.  This sarah is a sophomore who loads of guys like, and she's kind of slutty, but mara says it's only because she is insecure about herself. :\  Okay, i am digressing.  Anyway, after the concert, I drove markymark to pick up miller, ryan, and perry for some Sweet Orange. Yes, i am obsessed with frozen yogurt. Also it turns out that Miller has been cheating in Words with the bet is off.  I'm glad he told me though, he said he felt guilty making me pay for his ill-earned froyo.  Anyway, we met mara there, and I stuffed myself with frozen goodness. ^_^ Yum.  Then we all went to mara's to watch High School Musical China! Lmao.  It wasn't nearly as magical as I hoped it would be, but hey, atleast I can say i've watched it.  The plot was ehhh but the dancing was amazing.  Also I somehow recognized some of the songs...Oh, and at the very beginning when we picked seats, I sat down on the couch first.  Then ryan made a beeline for the seat next to me.  Then miller came in the room and mara goes "SHAWTY NEXT TO SONYA" hahaha. Honestly I was hoping to be able to sit next to miller but oh well.  I still love you mara :) and hugging your knee for half the movie was enjoyable.  But if something like that ever happens again please let him sit next to me hahaha.  I cuddled more with ryan that night than miller which is a no no.  He kept putting his filthy cheater head on my shoulder and being all "noooo son son! They aren't going to kiss!"  Yes, sadly in the chinese version, troy and gabriella don't kiss. :( Anyway, then i drove them home, and while we were climbing up mara's mountain of a driveway, ryan tackle hugged me, and then miller kind of pretended to help push me up the hill, so i did a pretend-trust fall which ended in his putting his arms around my waist so i wouldn't fall haha.  Goddamn it miller, sometimes you are so huggy and warm, and other times you are so removed and cold.  I thought girls were supposed to be the ones that are hard to figure out, not the other way around!  On an additional note, I just want to explain why i called ryan a filthy cheater:  He has a girlfriend. Friday night, he went to watch Breaking Dawn with a bunch of people and his girlfriend's best friend.  His actual girlfriend couldn't go.  Then he made out with her for 5 minutes.  On saturday while we were watching HSM China, he was flirt-texting with both of them. WTF, honestly? Lol i wouldn't stop bringing it up hahaha.  But then miller said "you haven't done anything wrong if she doesn't find out". Fuck, i will kill that kid.  He was kidding, but what an asshole! Ahhhh!!

And on that angry note, I'm going to go read as much of Pride and Prejudice I can in the next half hour.  I'm supposed to have 132 pages read by tomorrow lol. I have 0 read. Crap. 

Okay, shit, it's 2:17, goodnight!


  1. okay if sarah finds this she's gonna be really mad :/
    I'm very sorry I got int the way of your romance maybe you could've sat on millers lap and i could've sat next to both of you! Oh but then you'd be a whore like me...
    And I think people in general are really hard to figure out.

    also omg HSM china gotta watch that shit
    bad cheating boy :( nooooo i dont like cheaters


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