Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nationals, Bitch.

Long story short, we won group 6A USSBA Northern States (AKA Nationals).  Not to mention best percussion.

Now here's the long story.

So after rushing to the school 20 minutes late for hair braiding, I furiously wrote my last notes for the drumline.  Mr. N gave us a big motivational speech (while i secretly wrote letters) and we loaded the busses.  I don't really remember the ride there.  I think me and Miller just listened to his ipod and ate lunch.  Anyway, we got to Allentown, peed, got our instruments, crossed over the little bridge, and started warming up.  During the warm up Itkor kept making comments like "Really?  Is that how you want to play today?" and "Do you want to walk off that fielding thinking you could've played better?".  Basically negative stuff.  That got us all scared into thinking we were going to be awful.  Before we went on, I asked Itkor to give us the speech that he gives every year during Northern States.  He almost didn't, but then he gave in.  It goes a little something like this: "So when I was a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior in the marching band, I always made fun of the seniors for crying at the last competition.  I knew I would never cry.  But when I hit the last set of the closer in my final show senior year, I raised my head and tears were streaming down my face."  I've heard this speech four times, but this time it made me tear up.  I had to fight them back into my eyeballs.

Ryan and Miller.  With Dan creeping.  Post-Crying-my-face-off.
....Can you tell? -_-
Drumline cupcakes!
Then we marched back over that little bridge (for the last time) and entered the gate, waiting for Scotch Plains Fanwood to finish their show.  Then Ryan said "Okay guys, lets do this one for Sonya!"  Being the emotionally unstable person I was today, I started to tear up again.  When my basses came up to me one by one and hugged me, I lost it lol.  In my defense, it wasn't that bad....nothing compared to later haha.  Anyway, we had the stick orgy, group-touched Nobody's head, and proudly marched onto the field.  I'm not gonna lie here, our actual show was not the best we could've played.  The basses messed up a bunch of entrances, and I even forgot a few notes (aka something that never happens).  When I walked off that field I was slightly let down, thinking that we had blown the last competition.  We put our drums down and sat in the stands for the award ceremony.  When third place had been announced, me, Ryan, and Miller held hands.  The little 5 second wait for 2nd place stretched on forever, and we stood there nervous as hell.  When they said that Jackson Memorial had gotten it, with no caption awards, we knew that we had gotten first, and (more importantly?) best percussion!  They finally announced it, and I completely lost it.  I was crying like crazy and we were all hugging like crazy.  I don't think I've ever cried that much in public before.  Especially crying because of happiness.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever even cried because I was happy.  Except a little when kaykay was born, but I digress.  When Victor walked back from the retreat holding the percussion plaque, we group hugged him.  Even he was in tears at this point!  Haha we were a mess, it was ridiculous.  Afterwards we cadenced back to the busses, banging the shit out of our drums.  After getting on the bus I broke out the cupcakes that I had made two days ago.  Everyone pulled out their phones and snapped pictures haha :)  The bus ride back was also a blur.  All I remember was a lot of music and singing.  I think i was euphoric lol.  To finish off the night, the drumline went out to East for some quality sushi.

I know none of you will see this, and hopefully never will see this, but I am going to miss you all so much.  I am so proud of you guys !  In Mara's words, what a beautiful ending to a beautiful four years. :)

Drumline Forever 


  1. aww congrats!!!!! thats so amazing!!! also where is this allentown....?? theres an allentown like 15 minutes away from lawrence. you totally shouldve come visited me at my house as a victory party!!!

  2. wait sonya this is so great and wonderful i feel so happy vicariously ahhhhhhhhhh


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