Saturday, November 26, 2011

Semi-Charmed Life

I said I would blog later about here I am, blogging about it.
Tried to wake up early to go shopping...failed.  Ended up leaving the house at 11 lol.  Anyway, we (me and emma) went to short hills for some Black Friday deals.  Lol we are the laziest shoppers ever.  Our arms got tired after like half an hour of flipping through racks.  The new XXI Forever store opened up though, and it's ammazzinng.  It's on the first floor of the mall, but it has an escalator in it that goes to the basement.  Ahhh it was gorgeous.  I got a big sweater (that i'm wearing atm, so comfy ^_^) and a pair of blue and green polka-dotted over the knee socks.  My goal was to get a dress for band awards and a pair of heels, but obviously that didn't really turn out as planned. Anyway, I had an amazing chicken burrito from Qdoba, just thought i'd include that in here. After shopping, we went to the Grammerie.  Not sure if i spelled that right, but it's a new coffee shop that opened in town.  We got mango-strawberry smoothies and they were so goddamn delicious, ugh.

Mara and all present members of the line for Santa!
Then we had to speed home, change, and go to the school for the Christmas Walk!  The parade was fun, but oh so painful.  We cadenced between each song so my arms never got a break.  I swear they were going to fall off.  But surprisingly they are still intact, making this blog post possible. Aren't I funny? Ha. Okay, so we tried a really stupid thing: The basses rotated in a circle around ryan while we were marching forward.  Surprisingly, none of us crashed.  I felt retarded doing it though.  It's even stupider than our drum-thrusts on the rim clicks, except I love doing them and it made me very sad that yesterday was the last time I'd get to do them (technically we have the memorial day parade, but that's like 6 months away).   Lol, i just realized that whoever reads this post probably has no idea what those last two sentences even meant.  Moving on, before the parade, Miller stroked my hair. Sounds cute and endearing, right? Wrong. He only does it because it pisses me off.  But when his hand moved across my face, I smelled axe.  Yes, I am a sucker for that stuff. It just smells so goddamn good! So I asked him if he was wearing it, and i was right (surprise surprise).  Well, he was actually surprised, because he smelled his hand and couldn't smell it, so he petted me again, and I smelled it again. Ahhh. What an ass hole.  Stupid idiot is so touchy sometimes, and it makes me think he might like me back.  But if I chat him on fb, he is so reticent.  Yes, i just used a SAT word, deal with it.  I thought guys were supposed to make the most of every opportunity to talk to a person they liked?  So using that info, I don't think he likes me at all.  I honestly need to get over him, the sooner the better.  I guess it'll be easier now that marching band is officially over.  Okay crap I digressed, again.

My masterpiece. I call it "Abs and the Ketchup Bottle".
Anyway, back to the Christmas Walk.  By the time we got back to the school, the whole drumline was sweating up a storm. It was disgusting!  The best part is that it was actually pretty cold outside haha.  I put my drum away, and right when I walked out the door, Markymark came up to me and asked me if I was going anywhere to eat.  (He's a sophomore...that has become too attached to me as of late) I told him yeah, with a bunch of my friends. He asked if he could come.  Keep in mind that we're seniors, and we're all girls.  I told him to go ask some of his guy friends to go with or whatever, but he muttered some random shit I barely heard, so I let him join us.  He was pretty awkward on the walk there, but thank the lord Victor decided to come too. Then it became instantly less awkward.  But like come on markymark. WHY.  We all went to get our picture with Santa, and then proceeded to the Diner where I got a delicious root beer float.  Then we met up with Dan and went to Ab's place for her leftover thanksgiving desserts. Yum. The actual hang out was average, I was a little tired and we just played rock band. Then I was supposed to have a sleepover with Mara and Emma, but my parents changed their minds at the last second because they were all pissed at me for not coming home earlier to pick up my stuff. Sorry mara :(

Not much happened today.  Tried to start my Carnegie Mellon essay for my app that's due in four days, but failed.  We had a shalomie practice though, and it went pretty well!  I proved to Dan that I could play "Tell Me Baby" and after the last note of the song he was really happy and hyper and kept going "YEAH. Sonya's the MAN".  Then victor made us hug.  I'm not a very huggy person, so I was all uhhhhhhh at first, but then I gave in.  Honestly, I thought I murdered the song, in a bad way.  I was surprised they thought I actually played it right because I was struggling the whole time haha, but i'll practice more and hopefully it'll be ready for the show on the 9th.  Ahh so excited!  We also decided on our set-list today, and the other cover (in addition to Tell Me Baby) is going to be [ Semi-Charmed Life ] by Third Eye Blind. It's pretttty damn catchy.

After the Shalomie practice, I sped over to the asian party I promised my parents I'd go to.  Stayed for only two hours and ate some delicious food.  Also we watched the movie "Just Go With It" which was fantastic.  After reading a barbie book to my sister, I left to go "work on college apps".  Well I mean, it was my intention, swear to god.....just didn't exactly happen.  What actually happened was getting some mint hot chocolate from Dunkin' (heaven in a cup) and then spending the next few hours doing nothing on the computer.  Typical.  Okay so I think I have a problem with this whole blogging thing.  I write waaaay too much in each post.  That's not supposed to happen, right?

Okay crap it's almost 2.  Goodnight!


  1. I enjoy your long posts! And the digression about boys so right on they suck. And it's okay we'll have a slumber party some other time!

  2. hehe it seems your shopping habits still havent changed... we always go shopping for a new dress a buy other shit >>
    also hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehe sonya your high school love is cute i love it
    also this kid definitely has the hots for you
    and yayyyyyyyy good thing youre more used to hugs now ;)


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