Tuesday, November 1, 2011

22 Hours

That's exactly how much time I have before I need to submit my early action college apps.

Surprisingly I'm not freaking out, but maybe that's because it's 2 am.

Today I came to realize that honestly, essays aren't worth it to freak out over.  A few tweaks here or there aren't going to make or break my app.  Also I realized that all I need to do is be true to myself.  It's my app.  Not my dad's.  Not my English teacher's.  Not my friend's. Mine.

A few hours ago I felt like curling up and crying my heart out.  Now I feel on top of the world.  Is that weird?

Tomorrow Today I'm gonna finish these up and still have time to go to red mango :)



  1. if you want to be really truthful essays are there to make sure you can write. colleges just look at what you've done i think more than what you write. Just try your best sonya!!

  2. girl dont worry you got this


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