Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day Minus the Turkey

Ah! What a busy weekend, and it's only half over :)
So wednesday was a half day! After school I went with Victor, Alex, and Markymark to Guitar Center so we could get itkor a gift.  We got him a silver cowbell and a kalimba.  We're getting the cowbell engraved with our names for $100 lmao.  That's about three times more expensive than the actual cowbell, but i think it'll be worth it ^_^ Then we headed over to Dan's for a Shalomie practice.  Dan thinks that I can't play Tell Me Baby on bass, but I'll prove him wrong.  Honestly I'm kind of pissed off at how girly and evasive he is about the subject.  It's obvious that he thinks i can't do it, but to my face he acts all "yay! you can do it!"  Then to victor he gossips like a mofo.  Well, that was an exaggeration, but still.  Anyway, after the practice I picked up Nicole, Mara, and Courtney for some Tito's Burritos! Some people like to call it Tit's Burrit's.  Har de har.  I got this stuff called "Boing!" and it's the sketchiest, unlabeled bottle, with nothing except for the name on it.  But it's soooo delicious ahhhh.  It's basically just mango juice.  Anyway, we ordered and halfway through, my mom calls me and throws a hissy fit because she wanted me to eat at home. Of course she decides that suddenly I'm not allowed out, so I had to go home while my friends met up with more people and got free donuts.  Feels pretty good, no?

Lol Mara straddling my drum.
Thursday was....Thanksgiving!  And that meant the annual game between us and GL.  We had to get to the school at 7:15 for hair braiding!  Lol i got there at 7:30 and wasn't done until 7:50.  Then I ran into the band room right when Miller and Ryan were about to leave, but then they saw me and waited :) Surprisingly enough, itkor showed up for the game!  He never comes to games, ever, period.  I think it's because it'd be the last time we would perform our show, and he was going to miss us so much :) The game was good; we won, surprise surprise. Take that GL.  Also, this Romeo kid accidently decked one of the refs during the game (he was aiming for some guy on our team but missed).  It took them like 15 minutes to figure out who to give penalties and whatnot to.  Yeah... I still don't really understand how the whole football thing works.  It's not like I've seen every single football game our team has played for the past four years or anything.  Now that'd just be silly.  I can't believe that was my last time playing stands music with everyone.  I'm really going to miss it :\  But I will definitely come back to visit them next year on Thanksgiving!
Basses in order...5..4..3..2..1 !

Thursday night I helped my mom cook some delicious food.  Ugh I was so stuffed afterward! No self-control what-so-ever.  And yes, my family eats Chinese food on Thanksgiving, deal with it. I won't name any names (Miller), but some people think it's very weird that we don't have turkey/mashed potatos/cranberry sauce/stuffing/etcetc.  Actually, we used to! But then we realized that turkey sucks, and that Chinese food is in fact, superior. Not much actually happened besides for that.  I find Thanksgiving to be a pretty boring holiday actually.  I just hung with my sister for a bit, played some piano, watched some TV, and stared at nothing for a few hours.  All in all, a good day haha.  Okay so now it's almost 2 am, and I'm tired as poop.  I'll blog tomorrow about today!  Actually, technically it's already i'll blog later today about yesterday. Lol I am so obnoxious, okay goodnight!

Our delicious asian Thanksgiving

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  1. yay football! also your food looks so delicious im so hungry....
    for thanksgiving we used to have chicken but then we decided that was too white so we changed to duck ajahahahahaha


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