Friday, November 11, 2011

I Am Such a Gamer

No, actually not at all.

Anyway, not much happened this week: Went to school, tutored twice ($$$), and went to band.  They were my last two night rehearals... ever!  My mind doesn't seem to be able to wrap itself around that fact.  My friends think I love band more than a normal person should lol, but i'm perfectly okay with that.  Anyway, during the wednesday practice we had naked band!  It's basically when the upperclassmen go shirtless for the run-through.  Weirdly it wasn't freezing like it usually is in november, so I was actually hot when we finished (I wore a tank, closest i'm getting to naked band)  A lot of people didn't do it, but the whole drumline did :)  First the snares ditched their shirts, so i ordered my basses to go strip.  They were like "but you can see my boxers" "awwn sonya do we have to?" and i was like "yes." Hahaha.  You know what bothers me?  How are they all so fit?  Jesus christ it's not fair!  I don't want massive abs, but it would be nice to have maybe like an ounce of muscle in my stomach.  It's probably because I just sit and blog all day.  That would explain it.  Atleast I have intense finger muscles.  But enough about my muscles, lets talk about their muscles. Lol jk.

.....they are pretty nice though.  And so smooth looking.... 

On another note (get it? cuz it's band) I taped the run-through!  With my trusty iFlip.  Miller, Ryan, and Mike helped me tape it onto my drum.  The taping job was shit though because when i went to go watch the video, most of it was just the sky.  You can only see the band in a strip at the bottom.  I'll probably re-record it senior farewell. :( I hope I don't cry, that would be really embarrassing.

Today I went shopping with my mom and kaykay.  It sucked.  Tutored, which was okay I guess.  And then I went to Steve's for drumline gaming night.  It didn't suck as much as I thought it would.  Miller and Ryan couldn't go though, stupid idiots.  Apparently Miller is pro at videogames so it would've been amazing if he were on our team (since we were doing basses vs. snares)  I found out that I suck at Halo Reach.  But I got three kills!  But I jumped off a cliff once, so that was -1 point.  I also got killed atleast 100 times.  And no that's not an exaggeration.  Pretty sure the other team got like most of their kills because of me lol.  Mario Kart was actually really fun and I didn't shit at it.  Except when we played this level with a bridge cuz I fell off of it 9 times in one round.  Brawl was fun too.  The only character I can play with is kirby though because he can fly.  I always manage to make myself fall off the platform, so thank god for kirby's flying capabilities.  This is random, but steve has fantastic soda at his house.  He's got that oranges n' creme stuff and also creme soda.  Oh heaven on earth.  He's also obsessed with video games holy shit.  His gaming corner is filled with all these different consoles, and he has a big shelf stuffed with games.  Not to mention the halo action figures, the giant halo helmet, and the HUGE halo poster.  Hmmm I see a pattern here.

Okay I'm really tired now.  I was going to make a quick post and then hit the hay, but somehow I ended up typing more than I wanted (hey what's new) and browsed k-pop music videos.  But now I'm going to sleep.  Gotta wake up early for art homework if I want to go ice skating later !!

Also...senior farewell/football game/last competition coming up in two days.  Ahhhhhhh !!!

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  1. wait wtf fit band geed high schoolers?? what is this world coming too??
    also the beginning of your love on brawl for kirby hehehehehe <3


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