Friday, December 16, 2011


My first college!! Northeastern!!
Honestly, I was surprised at how ridiculously happy I got when I read the acceptance letter.  I expected that getting accepted by a college would feel good, but I didn't anticipate possible tears.  Like come on Sonya, really? Tears?  In my defense, they didn't fall out of my eyes, though they were dangerously close to.  Ahhh! Me! Accepted to college!  Also up to $80,000 in scholarship money and acceptance to their honors program!  So suck on that haters.  Northeastern might be expensive but hey, it's not so bad if it's $80,000 cheaper, hmm? :) Money is definitely an important factor, I agree.  However, you really shouldn't judge people who want to go to other schools that aren't as cheap as Rutgers.  Yes, it might be the perfect choice in your eyes, but it's not for everyone.  And regardless of if I get into MIT or not, I am glad I gave it a shot.  It might confuse you "why people would even apply to schools they know they can't get into", but the reason is simple:  They liked the school.  They grew attached to the school.  So yes, I will take my chances no matter how pathetically small they are.  Haha, how did this happy post become a defensive rant?  I better cut it here and go to sleep ! Ahhhh 35 hours till MIT decisions! Good night!


  1. im sosososo excited for you to hear back tomorrow! you have to call or text me when you find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hehehehehehehehehehehhehe much moneyyyyyy


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